Friday, June 24, 2005

The Virtues of IPCOP

Firewalls for home users has become a common practice. There are a multitude of choices but one open source project stands out. IPCOP has been around since at least 2001 when I messed with the pre 1.0 beta. Those times are easy for some of us to remember because IPCOP was a spin off of Smoothwall. There are lots of posts out there that chronicle the forking that resulted in the IPCOP project.

IPCOP is an excellent choice for anyone who has an old PC laying around. You can use that hardware along with the IPCOP Linux distibution to create a free firewall. Depending upon your particular setup, analog modem or cable modem or DSL, you will have to install the appropriate networking devices. In my case this is simply two network interface cards in order to connect to my cable modem. For most other connection types the drivers are included in IPCOP. The installation is a snap. I can get it installed in under five minutes. That small effort get me a free firewall that out performs and contains more features than any product you can buy at CompUSA or Best Buy.

But don't take my word for it check out these sites for more information:

More IPCOP info and links at

SysAdmin article about IPCOP written by two extremely talented members of my local LUG. Way to go Phil and Bryan!

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