Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sick and Tired of Microsoft's Crap

I sit here angry at Micro$oft..... Again.....

Sometime last year I got hooked on a show called RockStar INXS. Maybe I was a sucker for more reality TV but I liked it enough to buy some of the songs. The show had a partnership with Microsuck for online song sales. $.99 per song was cheap enough to buy 9 or 10 songs. It made the significant other in my life happy because she was into one of the singers.

I played those songs on my little SanDisk MP3 player and burned a music CD for the car. All was good and I actually thought that I had a decent Microstupid experience. That was until I got a new phone, a UTStarcom xv6700 running Windows Mobile 5.0. Now I did not want this phone. I was pretty happy with my Blackberry (aka Crackberry) but some execs were into the Windoz Mobile devices and someone had to hash out antivirus for handhelds, device encryption, remote wipe (aka theft/loss protection), and password protection standards. Hey I work in a place that at least considers security.

The new phone also has Windows Media Center which I for an instant thought might be cool because I would only have to carry my phone to listen to MP3s. Yeah right... So I went ahead and copied those songs from MSN down to my phone and went to listen to them. If you are this far into reading my rant you know what comes next. Instead of playing I got a message that said WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER "A license is required to play the selected content......Are you sure you want to open the Web page to obtain the license?" Well WTF else am I going to do? Now remember this is all happening on the phone. Cool in the sense that it can function like a small laptop. Hey, we will call it a pocket laptop! Wait Pocket PC! Ohhh, so kewl. But when I get to the MSN license page my browser no longer functions like my big bloated laptop. You can not actually click on the link that says "aquire license". Okay I am only a little discouraged at this point. I mean what would Microstupid be with out problems. I know what I will do! I will sync it using the ActiveSync software. That way I can use my bloated Microstealing laptop to download the DRM license. Then sync with the phone and life will be back in balance I can brag about my l337 M$ skilz. Yep you guessed it the f*&king IE browser couldn't complete a download of the license either. A few more minutes waisted reading the M$N help which did not help by the way I have had it.

M$ take yur DRM and shove it up Billy's A$$. I can still play the songs with out any DRM checks on my other MP3 player and on another OS made by people who know WTF they are doing. I will get my music and I do mean MY MUSIC, f*&k any license you think you may own, and re-rip it from wma to MP3 so I can use it.

So let this be a lesson to all of you who consider yourselves above the basic drone status required to use M$ products. Avoid M$ at all costs if you care about your sanity. Use of Microsucking products will lead to brain rot, frustration, loss of productivity, infertility and loss of any l33t status you may have earned. It is the borg that people with the ability to think on their own joke about.

Good Night


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