Monday, June 18, 2007

My Blog - Getting Kind of Stale

Yep, Its very stale but not for the reasons that you think. Lately its been because I have been applying the use of technology more than commenting on it. I have not had much to rant because everything is working well for me.

Back in December I started a new forum called in order to fill a gap in the fishing community. What started out as a small idea quickly became a popular site which overwhelmed my first hosting solution. I choose to build my forum on an open source package called YABB or Yet Another Bulletin Board. Even when I was forced to do a manual migration in only a few hours or risk losing data to a hostile service provider or lose members over poor service, YABB showed its strength by being easy to configure and very portable. To this day I am very happy with the security of the software. And of course this is an open source package so the price is right.

So there you have it. Not much to do write about when your software is working......


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