Thursday, June 25, 2009

Google Mail For Business is Really Google Mail Without Features Part II

I couldn't believe it but I looked up in my Gmail for Business account and saw New! Email Tips followed by a beaker icon. Could it be they actually fixed stuff? The answer is partially. With around 50 features now being offered in Labs setting tab I was excited to see I could finally put my email signature above the previous message. I should probably say thank you but I had put this feature request in around 3 years ago so I guess better late than never will do for now.

There were a lot of features added in the Labs settings tab. Some were fluff. But a few others I found useful enough to turn on. I turned on the task lists since I use this in Outlook at my day job. Undo Send seemed like a good idea. Thats the delay of sending the message out the MTA long enough for you to have one of those "oh, crap" moments because you forgot something. I also added Inserting Images. Great web 2.0 feature. That will save me from always attaching them.

Unfortunately the honeymoon had to end. As I read the New! Email Tips and made my way to the Gmail Master page. (The tips are broken up into white belt, green belt, black belt, and Gmail master) to the final page I saw the what I consider another essential option. The ability to always opt for HTTPS sessions. Cool I thought. Welcome to the 21st century and basic data security. But wouldn't you know it. The require HTTPS option is only available in standard Gmail,, and not on Gmail for Businesses. What the #%$#@!!!!!!! Guess we still have a ways to go.


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